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Boost your listing by adding dog breeding articles

There are an abundance of dog breeding forums across the internet, some having valuable and helpful information for breeders - experienced and new but sometimes it can be tedious reading through numerous replies and other questions added in the threads that are off topic.

To try and condense breeding help and advice we have developed an article posting system that allows experienced dog breeders to present their knowledge in a single article under categorised sections to provide uninterrupted writing on a given subject.

As a reward for contributing breeders we prioritise our searches and stud dogs page by listing dogs at the top of the page/results that are owned by breeders who have added breeding articles.

Not only does this system reward contributing members it also serves as means of giving greater exposure of dogs produced or selected by breeders who have the knowledge required to produce and maintain good dog health, good breeding practise and good breeding lines.