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Choosing the right stud dog

C Appleton from Bedfordshire asked...

Can anyone tell me which is more important, a stud dog's pedigree or its physical similarities to a potential mating partner.
My Springer spaniel is quite small for the breed and i have found an excellent Stud with a good pedigree but he is a lot bigger than she is and I'm concerned about the size of the pups and any possible problems she may have with whelping if they are large.
Many thanks

Things to look for in a stud dog
Added on 22/08/2008 at 18:55:18

Most important when choosing a stud dog for your bitch is the lineage to ensure you don't inbreed as this can be very risky and is not in the best interest of the line or breed.

This maybe disagreed with by some show breeders but it has been proven that such inbreeding can be responsible for genetic health problems.

It is also important to choose a stud dog that will complement your own and perhaps even fix any deviations from breed standard. Personally if your dog is the right size for the breed i would avoid breeding with a substantially bigger dog.

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