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Caring for a pregnant bitch

S Wills Sanford from Buckinghamshire asked...

I have a bitch that is in her third week of gestation and i am aware that you do not treat a pregnant dog for fleas and was wondering about worming her whilst she is gestating. Is this safe to use normal wormer like Drontal or is there a special wormer to use for this.
Many thanks in advance

Worming A Pregnant Bitch
Added on 02/08/2008 at 20:43:18

It is important to worm a pregnant bitch especially for roundworm as they can be passed directly to the pups during gestation. Tapeworms and Roundworms are usually treated for when worming under normal circumstances and Drontal Plus can be used safely with pregnant bitches simply taking care to make sure the dosage is correct (slightly less will be OK but not over dosage) Just make sure you read the usage information that comes in the packaging.

Personally I use the Panacur liquid which needs giving to the bitch (in her food is easiest) from around day forty of her gestation until 2 days after whelping. Panacur can also be used for worming the pups when the time comes (after weaning) at 2-3 weeks, 5 weeks and 7 weeks old.

The links Ive added will take you directly to the Petmeds website page for the Panacur treatment you need.

Flea treatment for pregnant bitches
Added on 22/08/2008 at 11:25:52

With regard to the comment on flea treatment of a pregnant bitch in the above question about worming a pregnant bitch;

Pregnant and nursing bitches can be given flea treatment using at least one product i know of Frontline spot on for dogs.
It states quite clearly on the product notes that it is safe to do so. It may not be the case in other flea treatment products but i thought I'd mention this in case anyone was unfortunate enough to suffer an infestation when a bitch has a young litter.

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